Saturday, August 4, 2007

In the Box Week of August 8th

Hello, Here's the list and Andy and Steve came up with on Friday. There's still some questions, they have to review the fields on Monday. Heat can change things quite a bit during the long months of summer. Stay tuned. Since they gave me the information, I thought I'd share with you: please do email me at Julia at mariquita dot com if you have any recipe ideas, preparation ideas, or 'what you'll do with the box' ideas. Thank you!


Red Leaf and or Romaine Lettuce


High Ground Mystery (strawberries or broccoli or?)


French Potatoes

Mystery from Mariquita (including tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash)

Cubanelle (sweet) /Poblano Chiles (mildly spicy)

notes on Andy's Mystery:

Andy's Mystery: our tomatoes are starting at last. They are about 2 weeks late: as are all the other tomatoes in our area. We are as hungry for them as you are! We are having the upick day on Sat. August 25th, and we will offer a padron pepper upick that day too.

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