Sunday, July 8, 2007

in the box week of July 11th 2007

Hello, Here is what I've heard will likely be in the box this week, July 11th, 12th and 13th:

Summer Squash

Romaine Lettuce

New Potatoes


Broccoli OR Cabbage

Green Beans



Onions Bianco di Maggio

Mystery: Andy has several little things, all fun just -getting-into-summer stuff. stay tuned!

** If you're reading this before Monday at about 11am, feel free to send me what you'd do with this week's box. I'll publish it in the newsletter. This week I plan on sending the e-letter on Monday late morning. -julia julia at mariquita dot com

*** photo above is of Steve of High Ground Organics holding newly dug potatoes

Andy's New Potato Blurb:

True new potatoes are a rare treat. A new potato is not a small potato but a fresh potato harvested from a green, growing potato plant. A somewhat scuffed, frayed appearance to the potato skin is a frequent consequence of harvesting such tender spuds and is unavoidable because the skin has not yet hardened. If left to mature new potatoes would get a little bigger and the skins would get tougher making for typical potatoes that are easier to harvest and ship. Unfortunately for the potato connoisseur the potato, once cured, always loses some of its tender moisture. New potatoes wilt and must be treated like green vegetables and stored in a bag in the fridge. When I get them as a first treat of the potato crop I never store them at all but eat them promptly. I like to steam them briefly and then roll the hot little potatoes in a little butter, a pinch of salt, and twist of pepper and voila! Do potatoes get any better? A friend from Idaho said when she was a girl they would eat new potatoes raw. I've tried it - the experience is not unlike jicama.

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