Saturday, March 31, 2007

vegetables in box for first week of April

Hello, CSA community!

I have a small preview of next week's vegetables so I thought I'd share: baby carrots (these are really really good!), lacinato kale, Italian parsley, red beets, fennel, spinach, shitake -or- oyster mushrooms, and broccoli

This week's Cookbook from the Library: Healthy 1-2-3 by Rozanne Gold

I admit I was dubious about a cookbook where each recipe only has three ingredients. (Salt and Pepper don't count.) But I like this cookbook because it *is* simple, and it uses good ingredients. (It's not one of those "take-one-box-of-cake-mix and then..." cookbooks.) I can also start with her ideas and add to them. Another recipe I'd like to try is the 'beet 'carpaccio' with lemony tonnato sauce. Your public library might have it, just ask. (Hint: most/all public libraries let you request books online. Mine then sends me an email when the desired book is available.)

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